Do I Have

low porosity hair? 

-“My curls love lighter oils because they tend to soak into my hair easily. My hair needs plenty of moisture for my curls to pop”

Do I Have

high porosity hair? 

“My curls love heavier oils because they deeply soak into my hair leaving it moisturized for a longer time. My curls pop easily just by adding water.”

Our product is made from 

 the purest organic ingredients:

Plant Derived 

Paraben free

Sulfate free

90 day shelf life or refrigerate



Our Story

Kurl girls hair company was created by two black sisters out of Atl, GA. Our purpose is to make products for women with natural kinky curly hair that truly help moisturize, grow and maintain healthy hair.

We created a formula that has plant derived ingredients, is chemical and cruelty free. We believe products work for your hair based off of your hairs porosity. Therefore we created a high porosity and low porosity line that caters to all kinky curly hair types.

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