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Meet Ashley

Hi I’m Ashley Sailor co founder of Kurl Girls, after graduating college in 2017 I decided I wanted to be apart of the change I was seeing all around me and sell products that will encourage women to embrace their natural hair. Selling natural hair weave was a fun way of getting started in the business, but I eventually realized my passion was actually with helping women figure out what products work for their natural hair rather than just telling them to throw in some clip ins to get a certain look.

I started off making a deep conditioning formula from scratch at home in my kitchen using actual fruits and vegetables on my hair that I absolutely loved until I realized we needed to make something we can actually sell because the original formula had no shelf life whatsoever lol. Fast forward to a year later after hundreds of experiments we were able to finalize the formula and make Kurl Girls the type of company we always imagined it to be!


Meet Sydney

Hi my name is Sydney Sailor Co-Founder of Kurl Girls hair company. My journey began in May of 2019 when I decided to do the Daniel Fast & show God how dedicated I am to living my life the way he wants me to. I wanted to walk in my purpose for the rest of my life. During this fast amongst other things I had to become a vegan. I soon realized being Vegan is a lifestyle, not just what I eat.

Everything I put in & on my body became vegan. I soon started to notice how healthy and clear my skin was & how much energy I had all of a sudden. This is when Ashley & I came together & decided to come out with a hairline that has plant-based ingredients. We started researching the best natural products to put in your hair & after a long year of trial & error we finally came out with our Low Porosity/ High Porosity hair care line. It feels amazing to be walking in my purpose & helping other women along the way.

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